Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chili For Dinner!

Well the rain has started!  Being on the Northern California coast is a treat, but you must not be one to freak when the weather is wet!! I have fallen in love with the rain. Now the trick is... how to allow for safe and effective ways to use up the energy of a three year old when it's pouring outside  :).

Today we went to work making a winter favorite... chili!  I put J in charge and he poured every single ingredient into the crock pot, put the top on, and with my help, turned it on.  He now has invested time and effort into this dish and will be more inclined to scarf it down (hopefully!).

For the next few days I'll showcase the fun and active things we are doing to stay sane in the winter weather.
What do you do when playtime is indoors ALL day?

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