Thursday, October 13, 2011

Craziness! Pure Craziness!

What a week!  It's been one of those "sit and read a parenting book, go for a run, take deep breaths, worry worry worry, everyone's totally off-schedule" kind of weeks, you know the ones!

Luckily, I have a stack of motivating and positive books, an amazing husband, and an although sick and exhausted, still hilarious and animated child.

Books piled next to me RIGHT NOW:


Although I haven't been able to frequent the gym like I had planned, I have been found rollin' down the road with my Johnnny in the stroller.  The weather has been amazing and I always feel great when I stay active.  Here are some pics from the week so far:

Yes! That IS a "J!" and YES Johnny wrote it!!! 

A reminder for me to slow down and enjoy life's little pleasures.  While on a run, I paused and let Johnny out to romp and climb around... perfect photo op.

I just love the old homes and barns scattered around Humboldt.

Although crazy and a little off-schedule, looking at these pictures and thinking about all of the great moments we've had... the week wasn't all that bad.  I hope everyone else is enjoying their family, community, and environment as well  :)

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  1. Brandi~
    You are an amazing person! I have always enjoyed your spirit. Sometimes things in life brings us to new roads. Sometimes we may not want to explore the new adventures, but when we are force to, we realize a new and exciting way:)