Friday, October 28, 2011

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

Today we said goodbye to our adorable temporary foster placement.  The bubbly, happy 2 year old was in our home for almost two weeks.  Luckily, a home was found that could continue her care AND also care for her 1 year old sister.  I was lucky enough to meet the new foster mom and I am certain these little girls are in great hands.

The last two weeks have been a strong eye-opening experience.  Johnny has been in our home for just over 10 months.  It is extremely obvious to my husband and I that our little guy is NOT ready for a foster placement at this time.  I did not know this prior to the placement.  In fact, the first 2-3 days were amazing!!  As the days went on, however, a new and different Johnny showed himself.  We're talking hitting, kicking, screaming, pushing, defiance, and all kinds of behaviors that neither my husband nor I had seen before.  I was seriously worried.

Our son was suffering from major stress.  He was unhappy, he was regressing, he was very mad inside, and the two of them could not be in the same room together without an adult at close watch (and ready to help the kiddos work through a problem).  I was nervous for her, and worried about him.  This was so unexpected, yet I'm glad I am now aware of the issue.


I am confident that with time, and more LOVE and attachment work, we can help Johnny to be a great big brother and to be comfortable with more children in the house, but I definitely learned a lesson here.

When I play with and observe these young children who have been through so much in their early years, I am amazed at their strength, their love for all people around them, and their huge, innocent smiles.  I am honored to hold one of those children close every night.

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  1. Johnny is a great cousin and a great friend. Soon he'll also be ready to be an amazing big brother! I'm sure of it!