Friday, July 15, 2011

Mums in Bloom

     I have never had a green thumb.  I still do not claim to be anything but a "beginner" at gardening.  Whether it's flowers, trees, shrubs, veggies, or fruits, I pretty much plant with hopes that the weather and awesome soil (depending on where I am living, of course) will help me out.  Being in Humboldt County, I have a huge advantage.  My zucchini looks amazing, my peas are fruitful, my onions are working hard, and my tomatoes are even showing some signs that they too, will persevere!!  My son, Johnny, has been able to do, watch, and learn as we planted seeds and over the weeks, sprouts, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and veggies have all arrived!
     The most exciting plant in my yard now, however, is my pot of Mums.  I purchased this plant about a year ago as it was full of yellow flowers.  Slowly, as the winter came and all the way through spring, the plant stayed green, and with occasional watering and a little talking-to by yours truly, the Garden Mum began to re-energize just a few weeks ago.  It now has many small buds with future potential and a few open pompon style flowers blooming right back at me.  Can't help but smile!  There is nothing better than sharing my excitement for nature with my two-year-old son!

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