Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moments of Connection

Let's face it.  Parenthood is never as easy as you picture in your mind.  Many people picture trips to the park, laughter and hugs, that sweet, sleeping child.  It isn't all roses!!! Luckily before becoming a parent, I had lots of time and training and was told "what to expect" when bringing a foster child into my home.   Still, I am constantly caught off guard, as are most new parents.  Granted, my situation and experiences may be a bit different than those of a purely "biological" family, but I am certain there are many parallels.

Before Johnny came to us, I was certain I had what it takes to have a constantly pleasant household.  It's so great that I had that level of confidence in myself, but frankly, it's not possible.  There  are days when I say "Wow, I must be a horrible parent." There have been tears, time outs, and tantrums (from both parents and child LOL).  It's interesting how parenting really expands your mind and forces you to think harder and be stronger than ever... especially when you jump in to parenting with a 2 year old  ;).  

And then there are those moments that erase all of the stress.  All of the worries, the frustration, and the arguments just disappear when my child and I have a "moment of connection."  One of those times where I cannot take my tearful eyes off of my child.  I  feel so incredibly lucky and thankful for this gift. I documented our latest connection in the photos below.  Johnny and I went on a recent hike in the Arcata Community Forest and played at Redwood Park.  He and I had a blast and bonded more over a mutual love for the outdoors.

It is my goal to create more of these strong connections with my family.

"Go this way?"

Banana Slugs are fascinating!

These fallen pieces of tree are pieces of the "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree" (Johnny's favorite story!)

We arrived at the park... gorgeous day!!!



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