Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello World!

It's funny how our life experiences shape who we are.  I feel very proud to be a devoted wife, and not until quite recently... a fost/adopt mom.  I "grew" up in an amazing family (when do we stop growing up, really?).  My parents modeled the traits and tricks needed to create a lasting relationship and a loving family.  My brothers and I share a bond stronger than anything.  In short, I feel very lucky.

One of the most amazing traits I inherited from my mother is her love and devotion to children.  Not only to my brothers and I, but to the thousands of children she has had in her elementary school classrooms.  Through staying after school and going in on weekends, working closely with parents who speak not one word of english, and even teaching other teachers how to be great teachers, she has taught me not to give up, that every child has worth, and that life isn't easy, but with hard work with children, you can literally SEE results.  She may also be cringing at the length of that last sentence LOL!

Check out this link... 5 years old, but the same words I speak today!

 Getting lost on the Lost Coast :)

Welcome to my blog.  I hope to share with you my experiences as a foster mother working hard to adopt a beautiful gift named Johnny, a Coastie wife, traveling the country with my best bud, and the fun and exciting adventures we get into as a family.  Also included, will be reviews, rants, and raves on many topics in Child Development, and super fun activities to do with kiddos.  I welcome comments and subscriptions and I hope to spread the love that my mom instilled in me  :)

Thank a TEACHER!!!

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  1. What a beautiful acknowledgement of your mom! It made me cry. I think we are all lucky to have that "teacher" in our lives. The one who shows us right from wrong and never gives up on you although at times you may have given up on yourself. I look forward to reading and learning from this blog.- Ev