Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bedtime is Not My Friend Right Now.

As I sit here exhausted, frustrated and badly in need of a shower, I am overcome by guilt at being impatient with my little guy at bedtime tonight.  I am in need of some advice... I welcome any and all... please!

     So Johnny and I played quietly on the floor of his dimly-lit room tonight from 8:00 to about 8:30 pm.  As our normal routine goes, he and I read a couple stories and said goodnight, gave kisses, I turned on his crib soother (like a little aquarium with soft music) and turned out the light.  I then proceeded to sit next to his bed for another 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes! while he fell asleep- or so I thought.  
    I quietly got up and tiptoed out of the room and just as I reached my bedroom at the end of the hallway, I hear his tiny footsteps running toward his door, opening it, and peeking out.  At 9:30 I am more than a little frustrated and it's not always easy to hide it.  I walked him back to bed and turned the light out, staying with him for another few minutes.  This happened once more and the final time he just sat in his bed crying.  I walked back to his room, told him I'd sit next to him for 5 more minutes and then it was Mommy's bedtime. 

Off he finally went to sleep.  I snuck out and here I am, begging for ideas.



  1. Well, it's hard to give opinion as our parenting styles probably differ. However, I'd rip the bandaid off and not stay while he falls asleep. He'll get used to you being there and it might even keep him awake. When we went through this with W we put him to bed, and left. If he came out we didn't say anything, we just brought him back to bed. It might take 100 times in one night but it's usually over after just a few nights.

  2. Hello Brandy~ Congratulations on your newest addition to your family:)i hope the bedtime troubles only lasted one night, but I thought I'd share my thoughts. I have watched Super Nanny( the tv show) and she has some great helpful hints. One tool she uses is to tell your child what you want him to do, and then tell him the consequences if he doesn't listen. For example: Johnny we are going to read 3 books, I'm going to kiss you goodnight, and then put you to bed. If you get up, I'm going to put you back into bed. If he gets up once, tell him you love him and that your going to put him back to bed. If he gets up after that put him back to bed without saying anything to him. It may take a few times, but it will work eventually. Good luck:)

  3. Kris- So far the nights have been great, but I'm definitely using your suggestions next time I have trouble. Thank you so much!!!