Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Adoption Day

Terry and I woke up this morning with smiles on our faces.  It felt like Christmas.  No, even better, like it was my wedding day.  Today we walked hand-in-hand into the Courthouse.  Today we signed papers in front of a judge.  Today we adopted our son.

This is such an unexplainable feeling.  My husband and I are so madly in love with this little boy, and my heart is overjoyed at the thought of him being in our lives forever.

Part of our celebration today included a trip to the beach :)

As our State Adoptions Case Worker told me, 
this event is as close as some infertile women get to a birth.  He is our little guy... forever.    

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  1. He is part of us all forever. I held my phone the entire day waiting for confirmation!