Sunday, August 28, 2011

Party Time!

It's so true what they say about Birthdays and Holidays being so much more fun with children involved.  Not to say they were not fun in our family pre-child, but there is a new excitement, there are many memories of our own childhoods that come up, and just to see that smile on Johnny's face is priceless.  

Yesterday, Terry and I had the honor of throwing Johnny's 3rd Birthday Party!!!  I know he did have a party at 2, but he was not in our home and so here, the Big Bash was thrown with the excitement of a first Birthday  :).  Tons of his best buddies were there.

The day was crazy and busy, but that means it was FUN!  The children had fun in the yard and in Johnny's room, they responded excitedly to my planned craft, they loved the cupcakes, and the buzz of present time was so funny.  I loved the excitement I saw in the children GIVING the gifts.       

Anywhoo, it was a perfect day, full of friends and food, cake and candles.  What matters most is that Johnny had fun and is now 3!!!! (officially on the 31st).

Here are some pics I snapped quickly:

favors  :)

Rock On!

What child doesn't LOVE Mac-n-Cheese?  I served an organic version with lots of  fixins  :)
The Rock Star with his shakers... the craft of the day :)

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  1. How creative! I'm only sorry we didn't get to join in the fun!