Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dump On!

I am an organized person.  I like to put "like with like."  My silverware must be separated and organized.  My plates are organized by both size and pattern.  My clothing is organized, my garage is even organized (most of the time).  I like to know where things are at all times.

This is all fine and dandy... until a toddler comes into your life.  I spent days working on his room before he arrived.  It was perfect  :)  Even for the first few months he was here, I organized his toys and clothes weekly and sometimes daily.  Now that I am 9 months in to toddler parenthood, I say... a mess in there is good!  Those toys need to be played with!!!  Johnny's race cars in the back of a basket aren't going to be seen and so then not played with!!  blocks perfectly organized up at the top of his closet will not be asked for!   We definitely talk about "clean up time" and how straightening up is important, but that room asks for some action!

Johnny dumped a basket of toys this morning and sat for a while playing with dozens of small toys he hasn't seen for several days.  I love listening to him change his voice to get in character, and most of all, I know it is stimulating his mind and his imagination.

Play on J!

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  1. I have to agree. I've given up on W's room being perfect at all times. It's just not fun for him. We keep the living room relatively toy free, but that's it.